13 Dead in Mass Shooting in Thousand Oaks California on 11/8/2018

United States News

Mass Shooting at Country Themed bar “Borderline bar and Grill” in Thousand Oaks California this morning of 11/8/2018. at approximately 10:20pm 11/7/2018 (1:20AM EST) first gunshots are heard as it’s believed the Gunman took out the body guard.

10 minutes later Sergeant Ron Helus and 2 unnamed Highway patrol officers arrived on the scene. Sergeant Helus was confirmed dead. at 10:45 PM (1:45AM EST) officers stormed the building to find 11 dead. More are suspected to pass away as they were transported to the hospital.

For more information view the reddit live thread:

Call your parents – your siblings – your spouses – anyone who you love and just let them know you’re here for them.

Love you all. Regular programming again tomorrow.

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