Big payday for Cobb sheriff’s lobbyist | AJC

Louis ‘Louie’ Hunter is a former County commissioner and current for Sheriff Neil Warren.
Records show Hunter received a $17,754 raise — 24 percent — in March. He’s been in the job less than a year and has no performance evaluations. He was also given a car.
His raise was sought by Sheriff Warren and approved by the county government. At the same time, public safety employees are expressing frustration with their pay, benefits, and understaffing, which is causing mandatory overtime at the jail.
One month after approving Hunter’s raise, the county gave one-time, $1,475 bonuses to public safety employees as a “first step” toward addressing their grievances.
Rob Hosack, County Manager: “It really is a way to acknowledge that public safety has had to work real hard in these last years in light of significant vacancies … The money that’s being appropriated from the general fund tonight for the payment to the sheriff’s personnel is due solely to the increased costs that are really out of control of the sheriff’s office, such as the extra overtime, the unknown inmate medical expenses as well as the unknown inmate medical costs.”

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