Cardi B Feeling ‘Relieved’ That Kulture Is Starting To ‘Feel Better’ As She Films New Netflix Show –

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Cardi B is so relieved that her baby girl, Kulture, is feeling better after falling ill, but she misses her like crazy while she’s at work, we’ve learned exclusively!
Like any new mother, Cardi B is focused on her baby, and nothing but her baby. When her six-month-old, Kulture, was stricken with a cold, time stood still. But now that Kulture is recuperating after the terrifying ordeal, it’s time for the superstar to get back to work — even if she doesn’t necessarily want to. Cardi’s dealing with it as best as she can, a source close to the “I Like It” rapper as told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Cardi is feeling a bit more relieved now that Kulture is starting to feel better, although she does still have a cold,” they said. “But, Kulture is constantly on Cardi’s mind, knowing that she’s still sick.”
Understandable! Luckily, Cardi has reliable and trustworthy people in her life to make sure little Kulture is safe and sound while she begins filming her new hip-hop competition show, Rhythm + Flow. “Cardi’s mom and sister have been amazing and they’re still stepping in to take care of Kulture so she can focus on her career,” the source told us. “Cardi has been on the move nonstop, as she not only just came off her international tour, but now she’s busy filming her new Netflix show.” We’re so excited for Rhythm + Flow, by the way. Along with Cardi, T.I. and Chance the Rapper are judges! John Legend is producing the Netflix competition show, but hopefully he’ll make an appearance, too.
There’s no doubt that Cardi, “a fierce woman who can do it all,” will crush this working mother thing. And, “once Kulture is completely healthy, Cardi will be able to relax more and feel more at peace.” We hope that’s soon — they both deserve it.
HollywoodLife reached out to Cardi’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back. Cardi B Feeling ‘Relieved’ That Kulture Is Starting To ‘Feel Better’ As She Films New Netflix Show –

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