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- dances in a parody of Pulp’s – Daily News
#JacobReesMogg, #dances, #Brexit, #parody, #Pulp, #CommonPeople A hilarious parody of Jacob Rees-Mogg has been made into a Brexit of Pulp’s Common People. In the clip, the Tory Brexiteer’s head can be seen superimposed onto singer Jarvis Cocker’s body as he jauntily dances around onstage.  A mash-up of the ’s speeches show him singing about Britain leaving the EU and the customs union to the tune of 1995 hit. The hilarious lyrics are changed so Rees-Mogg’s sings about his private education and even mocks Theresa May’s Brexit deal.In the song, Rees-Mogg quips: ‘I explained I went to Eton College/ I told her that my dad was loaded/ And how I’ll profit when the pound imploded’  Share this article Share The lyrics go: ‘I want to leave the common market/ I want to leave the custom union too.’Want to keep out foreign people like you/ We let the people have their say then we convinced them not to stay.’Sold them falsehoods on a bus/ to deflect the blame from us’. And the hilarious parody even mocks Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent efforts to try and wrangle a deal and her commitment to a hard Irish border.The song goes: ‘Still, May will never get it right/ A no deal Brexit is in sight.’The Rees-Mogg parody even suggests Britain could follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump and build a wall if the Irish border issue fails.He sings: ‘Causing Irish talks to fall/ If the backstops fails we can build a wall’ The hilarious clip, created by JOE politics, was posted on Twitter with the caption: ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg has a message for the Common People’.Twitter users were quick to comment on how accurate the hilarious parody was.One user said: ‘It’s accurate. That’s the scariest part.’Another user wrote: ‘This is a masterpiece of editing.’One said: ‘Very clever, and it would also be hilarious if it wasn’t so true!’  Lyrics to the hilarious Jacob Rees-Mogg parody of Pulp’s smash hit ‘Common People’ ‘She came from Greece,She had a thirst for knowledge,I explained: ‘I went to Eton college’,That’s when she, laughed at me.I told her that my dad was loadedAnd how I’ll profit if the pound imploded,And then she cried,because her visa had expired.And I said,I want to leave the Common Market,I want to leave the Customs Union, too,Want to leave the Common Market,Want to keep out,Foreign people, like you.But I didn’t understand,Why she refused to shake my hand,We let the people have their say,then we convinced them not to stay,sold them falsehoods on a bus,deflect all the blame from us,Still, May will never get it right,A no-deal Brexit is in sight,Causing Irish talks to stall,If the backstop fails we can build a wall,I want to leave the Common Market,I want to leave the Customs Union too,Want to leave the Common Market,Wanna watch it all slide out of view,And leave the whole economy screwed,Cause I’ve got nothing else to do!Alright!’ Lyrics to the original 1995 hit sang by Jarvis Cocker’She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge,She studied sculpture at Saint Martin’s Col

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