Marlen Ochoa Lopez: Three arrested after murdered teenager ‘had baby cut from womb’


Three people have been charged in the death of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, a 19-year-old who was murdered days before she was due to give birth in .

Clarisa and Desiree Figueroa have been charged with after Ochoa-Lopez’s body was allegedly found in a bin in their backyard. 40-year-old Piotr Bobak, Clarisa Figueroa’s boyfriend, has been charged with concealment of a homicide.

Having sold Ochoa-Lopez used baby clothes in the past, Clarisa Figueroa, 46, allegedly lured the expectant mother back to her home with an offer of free clothes via Facebook.

When Ochoa-Lopez arrived, police believe Ms Figueroa and her 24-year-old daughter Desiree strangled the young woman to death with a cord and cut the baby from her womb, according to prosecutors.

Hours after, first responders received a call from Ms Figueroa, who claimed her newborn child was not breathing. The boy was taken to the hospital, and remains in a grave condition.

Police did not connect the disappearance of Ochoa-Lopez and Ms Figueroa’s ill child until May 7, when friends of Ochoa-Lopez provided police access to her Facebook account.

At that point, authorities saw that Ochoa-Lopez and Ms Figueroa had corresponded the day of the disappearance, and DNA tested the young child.

The DNA test determined that the child was that of Ochoa-Lopez and her husband, Yiovanni Lopez.

A warrant allowed the police to search the Figueroa home, where they found cleaning supplies and evidence of blood in the bathroom and hallway, according to AP .

“Words cannot express how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are,” said police superintendent Eddie Johnson, when announcing the Figueroa’s would be charged with murder.

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Ms Figueroa had allegedly wanted to raise another child after her adult son had passed from natural causes two years prior.

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