Melbourne Stabbing: knifeman’s rampage ended by armed police

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Terrifying footage shows the attacker lunging at two with a as a car burns just a few feet away

Witnesses said the maniac set fire to his car before stabbing people in the city’s busy at 4pm local time – leaving one victim lying dead at the scene.

In the horrifying footage, the unnamed man is shown lunging at two officers with a knife as a truck burns just a few feet away.

Heroic bystanders attempted to fend off the attacker including one man who used a shopping trolley as a weapon.

Witnesses said the maniac’s burning car exploded while the maniac charged at innocent shoppers with a blade.

Onlookers reportedly shouted at the officers “ him, him”.

Harrowing pictures show a dead body lying in the street covered by a white sheet surrounded by pools of blood.

It has since emerged that one of the stab victims has died at the scene.

Three people were rushed to hospital while one of those victims suffered a neck injury is said to be in a critical condition, reports.

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