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of - taped him of theft – Daily News
#Parents, #alleged, #wife, #killer, #RodCovlin, #taped, #accusing, #theft The parents of backgammon pro Rod Covlin, on trial for murdering his millionaire financier wife Shele Danishefsky, accused him of from his , a jury heard in a secret Covlin’s then-girlfriend had made.Prosecutors in the nine-week-long Manhattan Supreme Court case have released the explosive tape as the case wraps up this week.Danishefky’s body was found in the bathtub of her Upper West Side home on December 31, 2009. Covlin is accused of strangling Danishefsky, 47, and staging the scene to look as though she slipped in the tub, struck her head and drowned in the bathwater.Prosecutors at Manhattan Supreme Court claim Covlin, now 45, murdered Shele to get hold of her $5.4 million fortune and also took money away from their .Following Danishefsky’s death, Covlin and Anna and Myles moved into the home of his parents David and  Carol in Scarsdale, New York. He also lived there with his new girlfriend Debra Oles Campbell and asked her to secretly record an explosive argument he had with his parents on September 28, 2012. David is heard accusing his son of stealing from Anna and Myles and being ‘a deadbeat’.Covlin is heard warning his parents if they continue to claim he stole money he will make sure they never see their grandchildren.At that point, Carol tells Covlin they are evicting him and give him three days, until October 1, to leave.David also reveals spending a million dollars to allow Covlin custody of his .  David: ‘You steal from your . You stole before.’Carol: ‘You’re stealing their college money.’David: ‘They won’t be able to go to college by the time you’re done with them.’ David: ‘Why don’t you tell [daughter] Anna that every penny you’re spending right now is her money and [son] Myles’s money.’Carol: ‘That Shele worked her ass off.’Covlin: ‘Hold on a second. Anna, I’d like you to come here. Hold on a second. Come here, please. Carol: ‘Five years in the twelve years of your marriage you never worked.’Carol [to Anna]: Your mother worked her ass off for every penny that he’s spending. Let me tell you, the Danishefskys are not wrong.’They may be wrong about some things, not the money. Your mother worked and worked and worked and your father sat on his ass like he’s doing now, he refuses to get a job.’David [to Anna]: ‘He refuses to get a job. He’s spending your money. He’s spending your money.’Covlin: ‘What you’re saying now, in front of Anna and Myles, okay, will ensure you never see my again, if you continue. Okay? David: ‘You threatened us with the ?’Covlin: ‘No. I’m not threatening you. I’m telling you.’Carol: ‘We want you out of the house by October 1st.’Covlin: ‘Okay, evict me.’David [to Anna]: ‘You know what, Anna? I’ve spent a million dollars of my money to make sure you didn’t go to the Danishefskys.’Covlin: ‘No. you spent a million dollars of Bonny’s money.’David: ‘I owe them money. I owe them money. I’m going to pay the mo

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