REVIEW MOVIE: “REPLICAS” Keanu Reeves plays a scientist intent on cloning, sci-fi thriller

nKeanu plays a scientist intent on cloning his dead family in this also featuring and .
In the opening scene of the new sci-fi thriller , a male corpse is wheeled into a laboratory. Will Foster, the chief scientist played by , announces to those assembled that the body is dead and that they’re about to transplant his brain into a robot. You know, just in case they hadn’t gotten the memo or had somehow wandered in off the street. After the procedure is completed, and just before Will can scream “It’s alive!” the newly revived being reacts in horror and begins to tear at its own body. It won’t take long for viewers of this unintentional laugh fest to feel the same way.

In the next scene, Will describes the scientific mishap to his wife Mona (Eva Best). Her reaction is one for the books. “You can’t just keep bringing people back from the dead until you have this stuff worked out,” she points out with less urgency than a wife reminding her husband to remember to put the toilet seat down.
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