Royal WARS: How Sarah Ferguson ‘absolutely HORRIFIED’ the Palace – Daily News

Royal WARS: How ‘absolutely HORRIFIED’ the Palace –
#RoyalWARSHowSarahFerguson, #absolutelyHORRIFIED, #Palace  Sarah Ferguson – affectionately known as Fergie – and Prince Andrew married in 1986 in their sumptuous Westminster Abbey royal wedding. Alongside their daughters Princess Beatrice and , the pair still appear to be strong family unit, despite their 1996 divorce. However, by the time the royal couple separated in 1992, Fergie’s name had been linked with two American men.  Royal WARS: How Charles asked Diana Why can’t you be more like FERGIE Royal RAGE: How furious Diana leaked Fergie and Andrew separation  Before she met John Bryan, who became notorious for the now infamous “toe-sucking” photos, she was close to his friend, Texan financier Steve Wyatt, who she met in 1989. Channel 5 documentary “The : Affairs and Infidelities”, which aired last week, spoke to royal experts on the scandal-laden era before the Duke and Duchess of York’s eventual divorce. Royal author Katie Nicholl said: “Steve Wyatt had a reputation in  the press for being quite a playboy. “There was clearly a connection between the two of them.  “I think a very very close friendship was born. There was a huge amount of speculation.” However, the pair’s friendship ruffled feathers  at the Palace, where courtiers were “absolutely horrified” by Fergie and Wyatt’s behaviour. Editor of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward said: “They famously had a few dinners together and I remember one particular one.  “Steve insisted on sitting next to Fergie.  Shock claim Charles told Diana ‘I should have never married you’ Royal FEUD: How Prince Charles branded Prince Edward an ‘IDIOT’  “He said: ‘She’s my woman.’ “The hierarchy at the Palace were absolutely horrified that she could flaunt this man in this way, when her husband was away at sea.” Ms Seward went on to explain how the Duke and Duchess of York felt the strain in the ir marriage from the start. She said: “Prince Andrew was in the Navy, so after the euphoria of the wedding and the honeymoon on Britannia, Sarah was almost imprisoned, if you like, in Buckingham Palace.”  She related how Fergie said to Andrew: “Do you realise that we’ve only spent 40 days of our married life together in a whole year?” Ms Seward commented: “That automatically makes a strain on any relationship, not being together.”  Royal author Anna Pasternak added: “I think she felt isolated, I think she felt alone.”

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