Senate votes to repeal Trump’s national emergency declaration

In the most significant rebuke of President Donald Trump today, the Senate voted Thursday to terminate his emergency designation to build a border wall. Trump said he would veto a bipartisan resolution senators plan to pass today that would terminate his national emergency.

‘It’s really a border security vote. It’s pure and simple, it’s a vote for border security, it’s a vote for no crime,’ he argued from the Oval Office.

Trump said he would support legislation reining in executive power, if Republicans support his border emergency now, appearing to make a U-turn at the last minute, after a senator said Wednesday that the White House sent word that Trump would not accept a similar deal.

But it didn’t matter.  The resolution will pass with the support of at least six GOP senators, possibly more, as lawmakers from his own party rebel against his use of executive authority.

Three new Republicans joined the coalition on Thursday — Utah’s Mitt Romney, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey and Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander.

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