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#Terrifying, #moment, #dash, #camera, #captures, #plane, #narrowly, #missing, #traffic This is the terrifying moment a plane narrowly misses traffic on a busy road after losing control at take off and smashing into nearby field. Footage, captured on the dash camera of one of the cars below, shows that the single-engine jet came just inches from colliding with cars passing beneath it. The Cirrus SR20 aircraft, which came down above two lanes of traffic north of Toronto on Tuesday afternoon, suddenly appears in view just missing the front of vehicles.  The plane then continues to plummet to the ground before ending up in a ditch by the side of the road.   The plane is said to have lost control after take off at Buttonville Airport in Markham, Canada, police said, before coming down over 16th Avenue near Highway 404.  The footage was captured by tow truck driver Bill Chan, CBC reports. He told the network he went out to buy lottery tickets after his good luck avoiding the plane, adding: ‘I was driving on the highway, I was picking up speed, and then the plane just came right in front of me. ‘I tried to dodge it, and that’s when everything crashed.’Chan said the privately owned plane flew past his truck just ‘two car lengths’ away.  York Regional Police Sgt. Dave Mitchell told CTV Toronto: ‘That [the] aircraft wasn’t involved in a collision with a vehicle coming through here is quite amazing.’ The plane was being operated by a male instructor with his female student on board. They suffered minor injuries and no motorists were hurt.   Share this article Share The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is said to be investigating and say the plane appeared to be attempting a move called the ‘touch and go.’ A spokesman said: ‘So you come in to land and you basically do a landing and you slow down and accelerate and then you do a go, another takeoff.’It’s an easy way to get a bunch of takeoffs and landings in if you are doing some training. A standard manoeuvre but in this case something went wrong.’

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