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’s exploded on Hugh Hewitt for promoting . and , hosts of , break it down. MORE TYT:

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“Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt appeared on Velshi & Ruhle and things got heated with co-host Ali Velshi over what some might call administration’s situational policies with various countries in the Middle East.

Hewitt was on to discuss his Washington Post column that defended the Trump administration’s approach to Iran in contrast to the Obama administration’s appeasement (which he presented as a failed approach). The piece included some hearty sucking up to national security adviser , “whose clarity and intelligence have long cowed his opponents inside the Beltway,” Hewitt wrote.

Velshi opened the segment by mocking that particular phrase and calling Bolton a war hawk. But Hewitt did not demur, and instead doubled down on calling Iran “a theocracy run by a dictator,” that is “providing missiles to Hezbollah” among other actions that support his “rogue nation” assessment.”

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