Thousand Oaks shooting: 13 dead including gunman

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A GUNMAN armed with an “Uzi” machine and smoke grenades opened fire at a bar in killing 12 people including a cop and injuring at least ten more today.

Wearing a black jacket and sunglasses, the suspect shot a security guard and young female cashier before showering the bar in near Los Angeles with bullets.

A police officer is among the wounded in the mass at the in the city of Thousand Oaks near Los Angeles, reports say.

Dressed in black, the shooter is still “active” and has exchanged fire with cops who were alerted to the attack at 11.20pm local time.

Revellers, mostly young college students, are said to be hiding in bathrooms and attic spaces in a bid to flee the gunman who was carrying an “Uzi” machine gun, reports claim.

Marc Brown, an ABC7 reporter, said that he has seen one dead body outside the venue which does not match the description of the suspect.

Police captain Garo Kuredjian told reporters that cops received a call that shots had been fired at the venue at 11.20pm local time.

He said that there are at least “six victims including one deputy” who are still inside the bar.

Kuredjian could not confirm the status of the wounded and whether there were any fatalities.

The police captain also did not know whether the gunman had been “neutralised” or not calling the situation “fluid.”

Witness John Hodge told ABC7 he saw the suspect throwing smoke grenades into the front of the restaurant after shooting a security guard.


here is Thousand Oaks, what happened at the Borderline Bar shooting and how many are injured?

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