Why Fans Are Going Nuts Over Madonna’s Behind

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The Queen of Reinvention is living up to her nickname as fans are going nuts over Madonna’s new behind. Has Madonna has gone from Maddy to phatty? While the Material Girl has grown up into being one of the most successful pop stars in history, she’s still making headlines almost 36 years since her debut hit “Everybody”. Madonna appeared at NYC’s Greenwich Village and did a surprise New Year’s celebration as reported by Page Six. Supposedly, this is the same bar that originated the 1969 riots, which sparked the LGBTQ movement. While this bar had an old history behind it, Madonna made some new history behind her. The 60-year-old songstress seemed to be sporting a much larger derriere than she’s always had, and while Madonna has always been into fitness, we have a feeling you don’t squat your way to a rear that size in such a short amount of time without anyone noticing.

Many speculate that Madonna has undergone plastic surgery to get the desired large-bottomed look that many celebs and singers are sitting on in today’s era. While it’s great to hear Madonna perform “Like A Prayer” and Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love” at a local NYC bar with an unannounced surprise, what everyone saw that night was an even bigger one. Is this Madonna struggling to stay relevant during the twilight years of her career? Is the new Material Girl just wearing some padding? Or did Madonna become the Queen of Squats and get that shape through hard work? Either way, fans are going nuts over Madonna’s behind.

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