Football is one of the biggest sports in the world, with over 100,000 goals scored in professional football some have been legendary some have been lucky but today we’re looking at the 15 most powerful goals scored in football

Roberto Carlos is renowned for his incredible shot power, for a full back his accuracy at goal was incredible, he is also known for his incredible free kicks which any goalkeeper would be scared to be up against this is possibly his most famous free kick which was against france this shot nearly destroys the goal

This next goal is actually scored by the goalkeeper of the opposite team, the goalkeeper boots the ball up pitch just trying to clear the ball from danger but this shot was so accurate and powerful that the other goalkeeper can’t save it before it goes over the line

Obafemi martins was one of the fastest strikers in the world and a lot of people who watched him play would call him under rated, this goal in particular by martins was one of the fastest most powerful goals in the world nearly bursting the goal in half

These two new goals were very difficult to decide between and they both come from arguably the best footballer in the world cristiano ronaldo who is known to score goals for fun scoring hat tricks left right and centre the goals in this clip are so powerful you’ll wonder how they’re possible

Zlatan ibrahimovic was one of the most unique and prolific strikers in the world known for his height and skill on the ball he has been known to score some incredible goals like

This next goal was a rocket free kick from the huge footballer himself hulk, hulk is probably the player you expected to see on this list twice just from his pure strength and this shot is crazy

This 32 yard free kick from ibrahimovic proves why he is an unstoppable force behind a football, he scores for fun no matter what league hes in or what team he plays for, people saw this going in before the ball left his boot

When cristiano ronaldo played for manchester united he made his mark as a force to be reckoned with, he proved that he was one of the best players in the league before he left to be the star of real madrid and this goal sealed his fate

Ronny is a brazilian midfielder who has had a fairly successful career but one goal that put him in the history books was this free kick for sporting lisbon which devastated the back of the net, this goal will be remembered for a long time

Ibrahimovic is such an overwhelmingly good player that he sometimes comes up with some seemingly impossible stunts while playing this goal proves my point, in an international game ibrahimovic scores a ridiculous halfway line bicycle kick

Rakitic is one of the most skilled midfielders in the world spending most of his time in the spanish league he is one of Barcelona’s best players and this volley proves that he is also dangerous from a distance

Altintop is a turkish pro footballer who has had a fairly successful career playing for many teams around turkey, this volley made his famous in 2010 which was awarded with fifa’s best goal of 2010

Mexes was an ac milan defender who scored an incredible volley outside the box when a penalty was gifted straight to his feet

Jamie vardy is one of England’s most prolific strikers just behind harry kane, he is a speedy machine hosting many incredible seasons for leicester city and he also scored this incredible goal for them against liverpool

This next goal is a goal you wont see anything like in a long time stankovic hits this ball trying to clear it away but he actually ends up scoring it after the goalkeeper is seen out of his net


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